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Startup Solution Group
Global Multi Platform App Development Specialist, Funding & Investment
We are a team that specializes in creating unique Mobile & Web Apps.
Our developers and designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your ideas come to life,
creating a user-centric app that your customers will simply love.


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Mobile App Consultancy
Android App Development
(Smartphone, Tablet)
iOS App Development
(iPhone, iPad)
PC Web App Development


Community Management Consulting



Ideation Concepting Commitment Validation Scaling Establishing
Potential scalable
idea for big enough
target market.
Some initial
revenue models for
how it would make
money. One
person OR only
vague team; no
commitment and/or
no right skills
balance in the
team structure yet.

Having clear and
meaningful target
with clear direction
for min. 3 years with
milestones to get
there, -> 3, 6, 12, 24,
36 months. Having
team of two or three
core founding people
with balanced
ownership. Can also
already have some
extended team with
lighter commitment
(stock options and/or
cash compensation).
Commitment & skills
balanced founding
team. Able to develop
the product/service
(Minimum Viable
Product) without
dependency of
uncommitted external
resources OR already
have initial product/
service developed.
Have signed
shareholder agreement
between founders, with
milestones, committed
time and money usage,
for min. 2+ years with
vesting, etc.
Can already show
some user growth
and/or revenue (initial
traction). AND/OR
continue to attract
additional resources
(money or sweat
equity) for equity or
future revenues.
Looking for clear
market validation
(Product Market Fit),
to be able to move into
Showing clear, growing
and measurable
user/market traction in
big or rapidly growing
target market. Can and
want to scale fast.
AND/OR is able to
attract significant
Achieved great growth,
that can expected to
continue strong. No
longer need to “try” get
resources and can get
those easily. Continue
to grow and often
wants to culturally
continue behaving like
a “startup” for as long
as possible. Founders
make exit or continue
biz as usual.




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